Responsibility of Authors:

Responsibility of Authors:

Each author is individually responsible for the material they submit and have published here. If an author is found to be in violation of any copyright or other laws they are solely responsible for their actions. This site and its owner are not responsible for contributors who act in such a way.

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Land of the Free Studios, Inc. and Mr. Jackson do not endorse racism*, sexism* or other such nonsense. If you find any material containing such posted by other authors please notify the webmaster immediately. Please note however that simply discussing matters of race or gender is not racism or sexism by itself. Both require that the opinion espouse a specific line of reasoning that endorses and inherent superiority based upon race or sex.

Please note that in the case of opinions prior to January 2007: Due to software problems from a site upgrade SOME opinions by others have been misattributed by this system to Mr. Jackson. We are correcting these errors as they are brought to our attention.

*Note: “racism” and “sexism” are defined as beliefs where one believes in an inherent superiority (or inferiority) based upon their or someone else’s race or sex. It DOES NOT mean taking issue with something someone of a particular race or sex has said or done.

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