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Who stole the second hump?
Who stole the second hump?
George W. Bush and Tax Cuts for the RICH are the reason some camels have to go without a spare hump! OH THE HUMANITY!
Who made Mars barren?
Who made Mars barren?
GEORGE W. BUSH and BIG OIL! That's Who! Come on! You know it!
Where is the Sun?
Where is the Sun?
The EVIL of GWB continues to thwart the good of caring liberals. Now his plans to privatize Social Security have caused it to be dark at NIGHT!
1929 Stock Market Crash
1929 Stock Market Crash
President Bush's Evil trancends time. It is because of him and butterfly Ballots that we had a stock market crash in 1929.
Why is Mars barren? Mug

Why is Mars barren? Mug

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