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Conservative Right Wing Stuff & Things > 2008 Presidential Election Designs

John McCain 2008 - Presidential Election Gear

Bob Barr 2008 - Presidential Election Gear

Chuck Baldwin 2008 - Presidential Election Gear

Anti-Barack Obama - Presidential Election Gear

Please Note: The appearance of items for the 2008 Presidential Election baring the name of certain candidates or potential candidates should NOT be interpreted as an endorsement by either The Right Things or Land of the Free Studios, Inc. These products are being made available for YOU to show your support.

Click on an item to get more information on it (or if you want to buy it, of course).

Anti-Obama T-shirts & Gifts
Chuck Baldwin for President 2008
John McCain For President 2008
Bob Barr For President 2008
Fred Thompson For President 2008 Designs
Newt Gingrich for President 2008
Rudy Giuliani For Presdient 2008
Tom Tancredo for President 2008
Mitt Romney for President 2008
Sam Brownback For President 2008
Ron Paul For President 2008
Condoleezza Rice For President 2008
Mike Huckabee For President 2008 Designs
Duncan Hunter For President 2008 Designs

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