Submission of Material

Submission of Material

You agree by submitting material to American Conservative Daily (or that Land of the Free Studios, Inc. has the right to republish this material on our site(s). You accept for all legal purposes that you have the right to submit said material and that you have not plagiarized any work which you are contributing for publication. You also agree to indemnify Land of the Free Studios, Inc. from any submission you make which you do not have the rights to, have misattributed, have plagiarized, etc.

If you add us to your group’s mailing list, you agree that we are allowed to reprint any such material sent to us in those mailings.

Land of the Free Studios, Inc. does not guarantee that any and all submissions, by any author (even if that author has been a long time contributor) will be published.  Posts that do not meet with the approval of the administrator and moderator staff may be pulled after publication or not published at all.

Further Land of the Free Studios, Inc. has the right to outright cease publication of any author at the discretion of the ownership. It also reserves the right to maintain copies of all previously syndicated content should American Conservative Daily cease publishing any author.

By submitting your work, you agree to the above terms.

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