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We have a really neat trick for bloggers that would like to have their posts appear here but don’t want to log in and repost material from their own sites or don’t have time to email us every post they make. This method is to simply provide us with a link to either your RSS or ATOM feed from your own site. We’ll plug that information into our handy dandy auto publication protocols and bingo! You’ll appear on this site. In fact we prefer this method because it saves everyone time.

We’ll ping your feed a couple times a day to get any new posts you make.

The only things we require in order to do this are:

  1. That your feed contains the whole post, not just an excerpt or a title. If your feed doesn’t contain the entire post then when it is published here our readers will only see the limited information your feed provides and not everything you wrote.
  2. Posts should not be made under the title of “Admin”, “Administrator” or some variation thereof. If they are, then when they are imported they will be misattributed because of the way our software works. As such, we will not accept feeds from blogs with such a post designation.

If you would like us to check your feed to see if it will work, just ask. If it doesn’t we’ll let you know. And we have a couple tricks up our sleves to make things work which we can always try as well.

If you ever change your feed address you will of course have to update us on the change in order to keep your articles appearing here.

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