Quick Thought For Today (October 13th, 2011) - J.J. Jackson

Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Is Not 6-6-6 But It’s Not 7-7-7 Either - J.J. Jackson

You Have To Work Hard - J.J. Jackson

Creating The Mob - J.J. Jackson

Occupy Atlanta Protestor Says Nobody’s Opinion Should Be More Important … Except His - J.J. Jackson

Say What? Tea Party And Occupy Wall Street Are NOT Similar At All! - J.J. Jackson

Liberals Rail Against Wall Street But Praise OBAMA Who Receives Donations From Wall Street - J.J. Jackson

UPMC’s Taking Snit With Highmark Out On Patients? - J.J. Jackson

Why 103,000 Jobs Gained In September Is Unimpressive - J.J. Jackson

Bizzaro World – Where Liberals Don’t Care What They Agreed To - J.J. Jackson

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