It Most Certainly IS Constitutional To Withhold Congressional Pay - J.J. Jackson

Ladies and Gentlemen … It is my pleasure to present to you … The Idiot of the United States of America! - J.J. Jackson

Why So Much Anger At Manti Te’o? - J.J. Jackson

You Never See Mass Shootings At Gun Shows, Tea Party Rallies, Or NRA Meetings - J.J. Jackson

Gun Owner-Outing Newspaper Has User Database Hacked, Customers Outed - J.J. Jackson

Solution? What Solution? - J.J. Jackson

Democrats Vote For Off Shore Tax Credits - J.J. Jackson

The Solution The House Republicans Should Propose - J.J. Jackson

The Real Thing That Needs Banned After Sandy Hook - J.J. Jackson

‘Twas the Night Before Liberal Christmas (2012) - J.J. Jackson

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