Moderators & their roles

Please be aware that American Conservative Daily is a fully moderated site using both complex spam and troll features as well as real life human moderators.  Our human moderators are NOT ceremonial positions as they are on the vast majority of other sites.  They have roles and they perform them.

  1. Who are the moderators? This site is moderated by PinguMama (Sr. Moderator), RonniesRayGun (Moderator) and Red Tornado (Moderator). The Site Administrator (J.J. Jackson) may also act as moderator at his own discretion. LibertarianPrince is a backup moderator for times when other site mods are not available.
  2. What is the job of the moderators? Glad you asked! This site’s moderators have some very important functions.
  3. o First they are tasked with keeping posts and the discussions that follow tidy and on topic.

    o Second they are tasked with weeding out people who are trolling and being generally disruptive.

  4. In order to prevent continual loops of the same argument in a post and it degenerating into a “ya-huh!”/”nuh-uh” argument, moderators will at times “moderate” debates that occur in a comment thread.
  5. You, as a commenter, are expected to respect them, their opinions and their directives.
  6. If a moderator asks you to clarify comments it is highly suggested that you do so.
  7. If a moderator gives you a general directive it is highly suggested that you obey it.
  8. If a moderator makes a decision as to which side of a debate has won an argument, all posters are expected to abide by it and move on unless truly new information comes to light later on. This is to prevent comment threads from degrading into basically a “Yes it is”, “No it isn’t”, “Yes it is” argument without end.
  9. Moderators have absolute authority to regulate this site by the rules posted below and ban persons deemed to be in flagrant violation.
  10. Every week all actions taken by the moderators with respect to comments are reviewed by the site admin and they are graded by an internal system derived to determine their effectiveness. If at any time the moderators score less than 90% they are put on supervised probation. If a moderator scores less than 90% two weeks in a row they are placed on a leave of absence for four weeks. If a moderator scores less than 90% more than five times in any calendar year they are removed from duty. And in case you are wondering, only one moderator has ever scored less than 90% and that has happened only once. No moderator has been removed from duty.

  • American Conservative Daily is owned and operated by J.J. Jackson, President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc.